Terms and Conditions

What is this all about?
shopkabaap.com is happy to have you onboard. Please read the Terms and conditions carefully before using the services provided by shopkabaap.com website. shopkabaap.com is the top cashback website in India.

Joining us?

There is absolutely no hidden charges to use shopkabaap.com. We will always pay to the users and never receive any money. By registering to our site, you will be agreed to accept the terms & conditions of our Site.

What is needed to join us?
Details entered while joining us should be accurate as the same information will be used to process cashback, like email id provided will be used to send the cashback coupons and important updates. If any of the information provided by the user is changed over time, please update the same with shopkabaap.com.

Member of shopkabaap.com is not supposed to post any paid ads on Google, Yahoo, Facebook or any other service pointing to shopkabaap.com, if the member is found guilty his/her’s shopkabaap.com account will be terminated immediately and he/she will have to face the law.

How cashback exactly works?
Registered users can earn the cashback from shopkabaap.com once their order is been traced by the vendor/retailer, shopkabaap.com is paid by the retailer only if the order traced is genuine and successfully delivered to the customer. Once we receive the payment from the retailer cashback amount will be credited to user’s shopkabaap.com account.

If the retailer is not able to trace/track the order placed by the customer such transactions are deferred and any payments will not be made to shopkabaap.com, hence customer will not receive any cashback on the purchase made.

Cashback redemption
Cashback can be redeemed only if the amount crosses the threshold, as per users interest selected gift coupons will be delivered to user’s email id registered with shopkabaap.com only after thru verification of the transaction. We do not collect any bank account information from the user.

shopkabaap.com wants to make it clear that the transaction is made with the retailer and not with Bespriceinfo.com hence there are chances that the transaction is not qualified as valid and there is no outcome of cashback for that transaction, shopkabaap.com is no where responsible for this. Chances are there that a retailer may increase/decrease the commission rate paid from time to time, in such cases the information displayed on shopkabaap.com might be inaccurate. Cashback will be paid to the user as per the commission paid by the retailer to shopkabaap.com and shopkabaap.com does not have any control over the rate of commission paid by the retailer.

Missing cashback will be traced based on the user activity in shopkabaap.com on the day of purchase, if the user has not visited shopkabaap.com on the day of purchase then that transaction will be deferred and user will not receive any cashback.

If a particular transaction is not confirmed by an retailer for more than 6months than those transactions will be closed by shopkabaap.com and is not responsible for missing cashback. Payment to missing cashback is only made if and only if the retailer pays shopkabaap.com.

shopkabaap.com has all the rights to alter the balance amount available in the users account if discrepancy is found and also it can reclaim the amount if already payment has been made.

User acknowledge that all trademarks, logos, content, copyright, and other intellectual property rights in and relating to the Site is sole property of shopkabaap.com and no one should duplicate, copy or use any material shown on the website without proper license to do so.

shopkabaap.com is not responsible for the purchase made on any retailer website and also is not responsible for the quality, price, returns of the product purchased.

shopkabaap.com has all the rights to close/terminate the user account without any prior notice if the user is found not violating the agreement or terms and conditions.

Shopkabaap.com has all rights not to pay the user if the product is not purchased from our site and if seller has not provided the commission for the product you purchased.
Users agree to receive any promotional emails or SMS from shopkabaap.com once they register with us.

shopkabaap.com can withdraw the services provided anytime without any prior notice.

All the rights are reserved and they can be modified by shopkabaap.com as and when required.