Questions you may have in your mind (FAQ): How Cashback works? Cashback on shopkabaap.com is so simple that one will never have trouble in using it, it is described in 4 simple steps.

  1. Sign-in/Login to shopkabaap.com, browse for the product of your wish and click in “Visit Store Website” button, from here we will take care of your cashback on successful placement of order
  2. You will be redirected to seller’s website where you can check-out the item as usual.
  3. Cashback will be credited to your shopkabaap.com account with pending status within 72 hours of the purchase.
  4. Once seller confirms the order cashback can be redeemed if total cashback crosses the threshold amount(Usually 250)

Why shopkabaap.com?

  • Save when you shop by getting more cashback.
  • Compare the product on wide range of sellers and get the best price in the market.
  • Easy to register and use.
  • Browse wide range of products.
  • Simple and transparent process.
  • Friendly customer support.
  • Process is very robust, you have very less chance to miss cashback. If at all this happens just inform us, we will take care of it.

What is pending status in cashback after purchase of product? Pending cashback is one which cashback has been generated but there might be a chance of return/cancellation of the purchased product, once the return/cancellation date is crossed seller confirms the purchase and cashback will be confirmed.

How can I redeem my cashback? Once the threshold amount (usually 250) is crossed you can apply for the coupons of the seller you wish, coupons will be delivered to you.

How much cashback can I earn? There is no limit for the cashback, more you shop more you earn cashback.

Who can avail cashback? Anyone who is registered and shopped via shopkabaap.com can avail cashback benefit.

What other benefits can I get from shopkabaap.com? You can compare the price product and get the best price from online retailers.

Is there any fees/charges I need to be paid to shopkabaap.com? No, the service is completely free of cost. shopkabaap.com will be paid by sellers.

Do I miss cashback for any of the purchase? Yes, There are certain cases where you may miss cashback.

  1.  Once you opened our site and redirected to seller site and again if you open any other coupons/cashback/offers site then seller will not pay us. So we can’t provide cashback to you. 
  2. If seller has missed attributing our tracking information
  3. If you have returned the item back to seller
  4. If any other cases other than mentioned above, you may contact us any time and we will check with the seller and provide cashback to you if your order is confirmed. 

 How many days should I wait before submitting missed cashback request? Please wait for 3 weeks before submitting the request as we need maximum of 3 weeks  to get the purchase information from the seller.

Purchase made via shopkabaap.com is safe? Don’t worry about that, all the transactions made via us is secure.

Whom should I contact in case there is some issue with cashback? We have very friendly customer care, please write your concerns to us, we will get back to you in 3-4 days. You can reach us at .